Is it legal to download video or audio?

One concern that often comes down to downloading videos from Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform is whether or not downloading videos is legal.

It has two sides: In dealing with copyright issues, as long as you are downloading videos for your personal offline use, you may not be doing anything illegal. However, we believe that there should be a waiver in commercial use.

Important: We do not endorse downloading other people's copyrighted videos for commercial use and this is not what this tool is designed for.

But if you download the video to watch online, you may be deviating from Google's original demand to comply with Google's terms.

Here's why:

Watching videos offline costs Google money. This video can take money from the creators' wallet (with the exception of unmanaged videos)

Video sharing websites run a variety of ads, including pre-roll and intrusive ads. That's why they make money and for some helpers, they make money as well.

Google's idea is to serve you with free, high-quality videos while you switch or click on ads. If you download videos for offline viewing, you are not terminating your bargain.

But you have reasons, right?

In some circles, downloading videos is more helpful than visiting the same site over and over again.

For example, you can download Facebook videos for eLearning purposes. Nowadays, many colleges and universities encourage eLearning and video sharing websites are a very important factor on this front. You can download eLearning videos and use a video download tool like ours, without having to waste your data over and over again.

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How to download video and audio from many supported sites using "y2matez"?

Y2matez online HD video and audio downloader is fully stable, user friendly and have a higher success rate to save media files. Now this online downloading tool will not bother you with annoying Pop-up Ads and confusing buttons etc. All of these downloading and converting services provided by y2matez downloader are 100% free, easy and safe to use.


Step 1:- Copy Link of Auido/Video:

First go to your one of the following given favorite site like: facebook, dailymotion or vimeo etc.. Here search and copy the URL link of video or audio.

copy video or audio url link


Step 2:- Paste Copied Link:

Now simply click the both above "Paste" & "Download" button respectively. Or you can paste your media file URL link into above input bar and press download.

paste video or audio url link


Step 3:- Downloading In Process:

Here it's our script turn to do magic with your link to convert into a downloadable links: such as, SD, HD or into 4k. This process mainly done within eye flashes.

your downloading is in process


Step 4:- Get Your Audio/Video File:

This is the time when you see a list of all extracted links. Select your desired format i.e. SD, HD or 4k and also take into account the resolutions: 144p to 2160p.

your video download link is generated